My portfolio

Game Art

A selection of some of my professional game art works.


Twine game created for the Sant Jordi Jam 2024, done in 5 days.Art, coding and scripts were done by me.Play it here!

Storyboard and assets for Prize Pass Yahtzee celebration animations.

Plantgotchi is a random-based pet care game. Choose an egg and take care of your new plantgotchi pet until your pet raises to 40 points of growth. There are 12 possible plantgotchi final forms. Twine coding & art by mePlay the game here.

Destroy your enemies and defend your tower by using your tetromino magic!1st position on “best art” in ESNE Madrid.Results in Ludum Dare 41:
Overall: 25th (4.25 average from 58 ratings)
Fun: 84th (3.991 average from 58 ratings)
Innovation: 32nd (4.232 average from 58 ratings)
Theme: 22nd (4.455 average from 58 ratings)
Graphics: 14th (4.649 average from 59 ratings)
Humor: 193rd (3.648 average from 56 ratings)
Mood: 103rd (3.964 average from 57 ratings)
Play the game here.

Lisy just moved to a new house. Everything looks perfect but soon she realises the house is... ENCHANTED! At night the house gets full of ghosts trying to destroy everything and you'll need to keep them apart and fix all the mess!This game was developed for the Global Game Jam 2020, based on the theme "Repair". It got the 1st position on “best art” in Universidad Complutense de Madrid!Play the game here.

Do you think Mortal Komba will be easy? No! The more friends you have, the worse it is! This a challenging game about skipping rope with cute graphics. It gets harder and harder when friends join you and you have to survive to the three strikes! How many jumps will you get? Tell us!Play the game here.

Pinbattle is a cartoony pinball-based duel in which you have to beat your enemy by showing your best tricks on the board!It was developed for Spain Game Devs Jam 2020 - getting 1st place for Art category!Play the game here.

Game UI

A selection of some of my professional game UI designs.

Concept Art

A selection of some of my concept art works.

Explorations and final idea for Snow Miku 2024 proporsal. Theme: Feast

Explorations and final idea for Snow Miku 2023 proporsal. Theme: Skies of Hokkaido.

Rohesia Vindemia, my DnD original character. It was for a campaign that I couldn’t finally play but I had designed her whole design chart with details and also some expressions.

Personal project on redesigning the Winx Club main characters.

Kimetsu no Yaiba based original character design.

Explorations, final illustration and splash art for a Pokémon original gym leader character.

Expressions and designs for two of my magical girl OC, Andrómeda and Marina.


A selection of some of my illustration works. Hope you enjoy them!

3D Art

A selection on some of my 3D art.

A time ago when dendro characters were lacking in Genshin Impact I decided to go with my own OC. I made some concepts and then I turned her design into 3D thanks to Vroid Studio, which is a vtuber 3D maker.I hope you enjoy Cornelia!

3D model, render and lighting with Blender.

Retexturing of a Vroid Model to make them look like one of my OCs, Andrómeda.

About Me

Hi! I’m Nat, an artist in the games industry for +7 years with a strong background on 2D art and UI from the very early steps to the final implementation ones as well in puppet animation. I'm specialized in mobile games - and I'm also into jam & personal game projects :) I was raised in Valladolid (Spain) but I live in Barcelona (Spain) now!
As a game artist, I worked in many different and challenging projects - due to that I’m built as a fast and proactive skills learner with a great sense of overviewing what’s behind and next in art processes thanks to working on a multidisciplinary team. I truly appreciate not only creating at awesome and good quality game projects and seeing players enjoying them but also sharing an healthy, diverse and supportive environment workplace that allows team develop a personal and professional growth based in a strong assertive communication.Beyond my job, I’m developing my own original characters, game projects, stories and fanarts in my spare time. I’m a creative artist that enjoys to share their new stories and my inner world with other people. Also, you may see me at some game jams thinking or prototyping new mini game ideas 💞😌I’m a Fine Arts graduate at University of Salamanca in 2015. Although these studies, mostly of my art skills are selftaught to keep exploring my game and illustration skills curiosity.I have been working for customers local and internationally like comercial businesses, game development studios, mobile apps, children books publishings, leisure events and a wide range of clients!Currently I’m working in Scopely as a Senior 2D Artist. In December 2023, I have been awarded as Scopelean Of The Year, an award given to those scopeleans who made a great impact in the company.

Game portfolio timeline

My game portfolio timeline is the following:-“Montblanc”, for Sant Jordi Jam, 2024.
-“Yahtzee with buddies!” by Scopely, 2021-now
-“Clicker Cats” by Platonic Games, 2022 (withdrawn from stores)
-“Monkey Roll” by Platonic Games, 2020 (withdrawn from stores)
-“Sweet Sins 2” by Platonic Games, 2020
-“Pinbattle”, for Spain Game Devs Jam, 2020. 1st position on “best art”.
-“Repawr”, for Global Game Jam, 2020. 1st position on “best art” in UCM.
-“A Tale At The Bonfire”, 2019. Personal project.
-“Plantgotchi”, 2019. Personal project.
-“Tetratower” for Ludum Dare, 2018. 1st position on “best art” in ESNE Madrid.
-“Exploring the caves”, 2019. Personal project.
-“Kawaii Kitchen” by Platonic Games, 2018
-“Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump” by Platonic Games, 2018
-“Sailor Cats” by Platonic Games, 2018.
-“Mortal Komba” for Ludum Dare, 2017.
-“Puddi Jump” by Platonic Games, 2017 (withdrawn from stores)
-“S.A.V.E.” by Platonic Games, 2017 (withdrawn from stores)
-“Woobala!”, by Lubiterum, 2016 (cancelled)
-“Mermelada” for GBJam, 2016.
-“Rampage of Technology” for Ludum Dare, 2016.
-“Esther and the fallen star”, for Aventure Jam, 2016. 2nd position on “best visuals” out of 160.

Clients List

IndieDevDay, ONCE, AEVI, Industrias José Luis Blanco, Moo Games, Lubiterum, Elendow Games, Revista Loop, Universidad de Chile, Huion Tablets

Please, visit my LinkedIn profile or contact me by email for more info:


For personal commissions, they are closed until further notice. I will leave a heads up on my social media when they are available so please, follow me there!For professional inquiries, please check with me beforehand because I may not be able to work quickly due to my full-time job and deadlines may be affected if not asked months in advance.Thanks for checking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tools do you use for digital art/illustration?
For my personal work, I use my iPad air (5th generation) + iPencil and the software I use the most is Procreate (but sometimes I use Clip Studio too). At work, I use Adobe Photoshop.
Your pronouns?
She/They are ok for me :)
How do you use your colors for your drawings?
I honestly don’t know how to explain that because it’s mostly intuition but I guess a good practice is getting references of your fav palettes and study them to get into the loop on how to use within the color theory… sorry for not being that helpful ( ; _ ; )
How can I get into games industry like you?
There’s no right answer because there are many ways. I totally reccomend joining to game jams to help your portfolio grow, growing your professional networking by going to game related events and be careful with the job offers - some of them are abusive!
Did you go for NF/Ts?
Nope, NEVER. If you see a NF/T of my art, it’s probably stolen and published without my consent. My reasons to not to go with this technology is because I don’t want to participate in a problematic pyramid scheme that impacts a lot in the energy conssumption.
Is your work availaible for IA trainings?
Nope, NEVER again. I don’t consent to use my artworks to train IAs.
Can I make a tattoo of your art?
It depends, I would appreciate A LOT if you please ask beforehand to go for a tattoo of any of my artwoks!
What do you think about trans rights?
Trans rights are human rights.
What are your drawing licenses?
My drawings goes under the CC BY-NC-ND license, that means:
Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.NonCommercial — You may not use the material for commercial purposes.NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.
You are free to:
Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format. The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.So, in this way you can help me a lot and would be great if you don’t break any of the previous terms, as most of my personal art is original and nowadays it’s pretty difficult to make a living and being known for that!

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